Oregon Pub Crawl 2017 — photo 71 of 71: A glass of Rogue Mo Ale which I had with dinner at Mo’s Restaurant in Florence, Oregon, in August 2017. In the background is the Siuslaw River.

Because Mo Ale is not on Rogue’s current list of beers, its identity and details are elusive. After trying to dig up some info on the Web, here is what I found:
  • RateBeer has a page with a photo of a beer bottle of Mo Ale. These specs are printed on the bottle: 12° Plato, 79.2 AA, 20 IBU, 3.2° L(ovibond). In addition, Hefeweizen is written on the bottle.
  • RateBeer goes on to say that Rogue Mo Ale is actually Rogue MoM Hefeweizen. But the specs don’t match, because for that beer they are 13° Plato, 77 AA, 34 IBU, 3.2° Lovibond. It is described as unfiltered and spiced with coriander and ginger. But the beer I drank looked filtered, and did not taste at all of coriander and ginger. Uh, I don’t think so!
  • Another Web site calls it Rogue Half-E-Weizen, with the same unfiltered, coriander and ginger description. Nope, I really don’t think that’s what was in my glass.
  • I think the original specs on RateBeer are about right. This beer was a bit weak or watery, which is in line with the 20 IBU. Rogue does not seem to list the alcohol content of its beers, but after researching the subject, based up the stats they did give, I would guess­ti­mate an ABV of 4.8–5.0%. Based upon how it looked and tasted, I would have thought it was a mediocre pilsner rather than a He­fe­wei­zen. I would probably not order it again, unless it was the only option.
Camera used: Olympus OM-D E-M5 with Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8 zoom lens.
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