McMenamins Beer (All Years) — photo 36 of 140: A pint of Crystal Hammer #3 which I enjoyed at the Zeus Café, part of McMenamins historic (built 1910) Crystal Hotel, located on an entire wedge-shaped block between West Burnside and SW Stark Streets, and SW 12th and 13th Avenues, in downtown Portland, Oregon. According to the brewer:
“We’re constantly looking at our beer recipes to ensure that we’re making the tastiest brews possible. The Crystal Hammerhead is an example of this examination. This beer will be a work in progress, changing slightly each time we brew it. We want you to be a part of this exciting process! Feel free to fill out a comment card or find us on Untappd.” Measurements: 5.9% ABV • 64 IBU
My notes from that day read: “This seems pretty close to regular Hammerhead, maybe just slightly more citrusy ... it’s pretty good, but not sure I would get it again. Maybe regular Hammerhead is better ... well, maybe #3 isn’t so different after all ... I would need to try them side by side. And then there’s Crystal Hammer #2!” March 2018. Camera used: Olympus OM-D E-M5 with Olympus 12-100mm f/4.0 zoom lens.
For further details about the story behind this photo, see the related article One Hundred McMenamins Beers and Counting.
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