McMenamins Beer (All Years) — photo 49 of 140: A pint of limited-release Foggy Dew Irish-Style Lager which I bought at the Undercroft Bar at McMenamins Old Church and Pub, located in the southern Portland metro area city of Wilsonville, Oregon. According to the brewer:
“A few McMenamins brewers found themselves working away to a traditional Irish tune, dreaming of Black and Tans. Inspired by the sounds of fiddle and fife, they crafted Foggy Dew — a crisp, straw-colored lager that’s balanced, but low in hop bitterness. Whether this beer finds you for St. Patrick’s Day or any day, we hope the wind is always at your back and may the sun shine warm upon your face.” Measurements: 5.6% ABV • 22 IBU
My notes from that day read: “Since they didn’t have it on tap I didn’t know what it tasted like, so I got only one can. A few hours after I got home from Wilsonville, I cracked this can open. This beer was not so great ... somewhat bland, and for sure too sweet. Good thing I didn’t buy the four-pack! There are much better lagers, like HUB Lager, one of my overall favorite beers.” March 2018. Camera used: Olympus OM-D E-M5 with Olympus 12-100mm f/4.0 zoom lens.
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