McMenamins Beer (All Years) — photo 39 of 140: A pint of Dungeon Master Red which I enjoyed at McMenamins on the Columbia in Vancouver, Washington, just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon (both of which you can see in the background). According to the brewer:
“This deep red brew glows the same shade as the fire-​breathing dragon that’s hoarding all the hops in the land. Go deeper into the dungeon to find treasure, weapons and armor! A pint will surely guide you to places undiscovered for centuries. The body is light and crisp and while the fruitiness from the hops are the main focus, they’re balanced with a sweet mouthfeel. Here’s to the next adventure!” Measurements: 6.5% ABV • 56 IBU
My notes from that day read: “This is pretty good ... a bit milder than Lompoc Proletariat Red, but still very tasty. It was the beer of the day, with a happy hour price all day, and I like the sample, so I got a whole pint. As I keep sipping I’m finding that it’s really good ... maybe one of the best reds I’ve ever had!” August 2017. Camera used: Olympus OM-D E-M5 with Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8 zoom lens.
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