McMenamins Cornelius Pass 2016 — photo 58 of 74: At some McMenamins events they hold a Discovery Hunt. Decipher a clue to find the object it refers to. Take a selfie in front of the object. Find all the objects corresponding to all the clues, and you get a special stamp in your McMenamins Passport as well as a prize. The hunt can be fun or frustrating ... or both!

It is really ironic that I need to take selfies in order to participate in a Discovery Hunt, because I almost never  take a selfie. I have even written an article ranting about the stupidity of selfies. And now, here I am, taking selfies! As you can see from the collage above, the selfies taken with my iPad Mini are not very good, but they get the job done. I have found that when trying to take a selfie with an object in the background, it is hard to get a good expression on my face, which makes the selfie all the more embarrassing. It is also hard to get my finger and/or hand out of the frame.

While at the McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (CPR) in Hillsboro, Oregon, in the western Portland metro area, during their 15th Annual Roadhouse Brewfest on 16 July 2016, I participated in my first McMenamins Discovery Hunt. Here are the clues which resulted in the six selfies above. Following each clue is my own explanation of the clue’s meaning, often drawn from the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse history.
  1. You may not find Morris Day here, but he did grace the stage where these doors once hung; they are more of a wall than an entrance now.
    As you can see in Selfie #1, a door is hanging sideways in midair behind me, suspended on chains. It is one of two glass doors which were part of the notorious original elevator at the McMenamins Crystal Ballroom.
  2. Fit for a Skywalker, but guiding the path to the wee forest.
    The Skywalker in this clue is not the fictional Star Wars characters, but the Skywalker Ranch owned by Star Wars creator, George Lucas. Apparently Lucas wanted a Jedi-worthy lamp for his property, but the deal fell through. Some year later McMenamins acquired the lamp, which now sits in a small grove of trees on the CPR property. In my selfie you can see only the top of it. For more details about this lamp and a better view, see the caption I wrote for a previous photo of it.
  3. Belly up to the bar and grab a pint of ... milk?
    The Little White Shed bar, adjacent to the historic octagonal barn, was originally a milk storage shed where the milk was taken after the cows had been milked in the barn. From what I can see, milk is not on the Little White Shed menu.
  4. We love to reuse things. Here we brought bricks from Edgefield, Kennedy School and the Crystal Hotel, and then added a little something we found in France.
    To see the bricks and the ‘little something from France’, check out the photo I took inside the CPR Distillery.
  5. Robert Imbrie is standing watch over, you better not put the cardboard in the wrong location.
    Over my shoulder in Selfie #5 you can see the Imbrie Orb, painted by McMenamins artist Olivia Behm, featuring the likeness of the patriarch of the Imbrie family, Robert. For a better view of the orb, which stands next to the recycling bins, see my previous photo.
  6. The Imbries once sold barley to Blitz-Weinhard. Today the rafters from the old Blitz-Weinhard brewery are holding tight in the rafters of Imbrie Hall. Here we take barley and a few other things to create some award-winning and iconic beer.
    For a pretty good view of the rafters in Imbrie Hall, see my picture from the loft. For my previous photos inside the CPR Brewery, see this photo and the two which follow it.
I was able to complete the Discovery Hunt without too much trouble. It helped that I had been here before. Still, it was important to read the few printed sheets of history. You can find PDF versions on the the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse history page.

After showing my crappy and embarrassing selfies to a designated employee, I was rewarded with a just-for-fun stamp on the “Bragging Rights” page of my McMenamins Passport. I also received a neoprene beer-can sleeve as an event souvenir, as seen to the right (unfortunately, the can of Hammerhead beer was not included). McMenamins sells similar sleeves in their online store for $4. What a deal!
For further details about the story behind this photo, see the related article McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse 2016 Brewfest.
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