Portland Bridge Pedal and Stride 2015 — photo 23 of 59: Because the 720mm equivalent focal length of the 30x zoom on my pocket camera really compresses together the foreground and background subjects, there are a number of interesting layers in this image. Unfortunately I was shooting into the sun and the colors were all washed out, so I processed the photo as black and white, except for the ambulance — which turns it into a color splash image.

Where was I standing when I took this shot? As far as I can tell, I was on the SW 5th Avenue I-405 southbound on-ramp, right before it merges into the I-405, and just east of the SW 4th Avenue overpass. Here is a description of the major objects in this photo, from the nearest to the farthest:
  1. The X-grid structure in the foreground is the span overhead sign structure over the northbound lanes of I-405 at Exit 1B — SW 4th Avenue, between the SW 1st Avenue and SW 4th Avenue overpasses. It was about 140 yards from where I was standing.
  2. The dark, old-fashioned-looking lamp post on the left is on the SW 1st Avenue overpass, about 250 yards away.
  3. Slightly to its right, the lighter, more modern lamp post is on the Oregon Route 99W overpass, about 350 yards away.
  4. The big tree behind that lamp post is in the median strip between the northbound and southbound lanes of I-405, at SW Water Avenue, about a quarter of a mile away.
  5. The ambulance is about 0.4 miles away, on the upper deck of Marquam Bridge, which carries I-5 over the Willamette River. The other two lamp posts are on this bridge as well.
  6. Behind that, about two-thirds of a mile away, are two of the 180-foot, pentagonal-shaped stay-cable towers of the new Tilikum Crossing, Portland’s first new bridge across the Willamette River since 1973.
  7. I’m not positive, but I would say that the darker colored hill behind Tilikum Crossing is Powell Butte, about 8 or so miles away, and the lighter hills behind that are the East Buttes between Gresham and Damascus, about 12 or so miles away.
  8. Last but definitely not least, about 50 miles away is the 11,249-foot Mount Hood, the highest peak in Oregon
Photographed during the 20th annual Providence Bridge Pedal (and Stride), August 9, 2015. Camera used: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50.
For further details about the story behind this photo, see the related article Portland’s Annual Bridge Pedal and Stride 2015.
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