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Rogue River 2012 — Album Description
Photos in Album: 60 Album Created: 15 Jul 2012 Last Updated: 19 Jul 2012
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During my four-day, 800-mile photo outing to the southern coast of Oregon (south of Bandon) in May 2012, I took about 2,000 pictures. During my second day out, I spent the morning exploring the first 33 river miles of the wild and scenic Rogue River — from its mouth at Gold Beach on the Pacific, upstream past the Illinois River, Agness, and Illahe, as far as Foster Bar.
On the forth and final day of my trip, as I was returning home from Crescent City, California, up U.S. Route 199 through Grants Pass, I took a detour so I could explore another section of this rugged river gorge. Starting at Hellgate Canyon around river mile 82, I continued over Hellgate Bridge, past Indian Mary County Park and the hamlet of Galice, all the way to Grave Creek around river mile 68.

From there, it's another 35 river miles downstream to Foster Bar, where I was two days before. Along that Wild and Scenic stretch of the Rogue there are no roads along the river course. You can travel it one of two ways: 35 river miles by boat, or 40 miles on a hiking trail — definitely not a journey for those who are feeble in body or soul!

All together, I explored about 47 river miles in these two sections of the Rogue River, with, as I mentioned above, a 35-river-mile gap in between. During this two-day expedition, I took 243 photos, which I have distilled down to the best 60 shots, including three panoramas, and — a first for me — a multi-exposure composite image. You can explore the untamed Rogue River in this, the fourth of numerous albums from my trip.
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The photos in this album were taken with the Sony Alpha α77 camera.
To begin viewing the photos, you can browse the album — or view the contact sheet.