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Oregon Coast North 2017 — Album Description
Photos in Album: 60 Album Created: 6 Nov 2017 Last Updated: 2 Dec 2017
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In January 2017 my wife and I made a two-​day trip along Or­e­gon’s North Coast as part of my McMenamins Passport ad­ven­ture. Once we had spent a few hours at our first stop in Astoria, we traveled south 118 miles to Lincoln City. Most of those miles were on U.S. Route 101, but a significant chunk was on backroads as well.

Our next stop after Astoria was only 16 miles down the coast at Gearhart, where we spent the night at the McMenamins Gearhart Hotel. Before having supper in the hotel restaurant and then settling into our room, we took advantage of the re­main­ing hour of daylight by driving on the beach in my 2009 Toyota Tacoma.

The next morning we continued south on the 101, making a number of stops along the coast, including Seaside, Cannon Beach (where we had lunch), Arcadia Beach, Oceanside, and finally Lincoln City, where we had dinner at the other McMenamins venue on our itinerary. An additional 90 minute drive brought us back home.

During our 26 hour journey from Astoria to Lincoln City I took a total of 272 photos. The best 60, including a map of the route we took and the places we stopped, are now on display in this album.

For article about my previous trips to the Oregon coast, see this listing. The accompanying photos can be found by following links in the articles to the individual albums. You can also see all of the photos together in the Oregon Coast (All Years) conglomerate ‘super-​album’.
For further details about the story behind the photos in this al­bum, see the related article, From As­to­ria to Lin­coln City.
The photos in this album were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera.
To begin viewing the photos, you can browse the album — or view the contact sheet.