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Himalayan Salt Block Cooking 2015 — Album Description
Photos in Album: 18 Album Created: 28 Sep 2015 Last Updated: 31 Dec 2015
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As I was reading through the Pretzel Making at Home cookbook by Portland-based food writer and instructor, Andrea Slonecker, preparing for my first attempt to make pretzels at home, I came to the page where Andrea discussed what kind of salt to sprinkle on top of homemade pretzels. She wrote:
No one knows salt better than Mark Bitterman, the owner of The Meadow salt shops in Portland, Oregon, and New York City, and author of the book Salted: A Manifesto on the World's Most Essential Mineral, with Recipes. I consulted Mark at his Portland shop one afternoon, determined to find the perfect artisan pretzel salt.
Intrigued by this reference to The Meadow, I went to their Web site and took some time to explore its vast contents. It was there that I first heard about Himalayan salt blocks. After reading their page about how to cook steak on a Himalayan salt block, I knew that this was something I just had to try for myself!

Before we continue, let me take a moment to connect the dots. As I shared in the above-linked article about my first attempt to make pretzels at home, what got me started on this track was a casual encounter in a restaurant with a soft pretzel and some spicy pub mustard.

That led me to searching for where I could buy such pretzels in Portland. Which led me to Andrea’s pretzel cookbook. Which led me to The Meadow. Which led me to cooking on Himalayan salt blocks. All this because I decided to eat a pretzel one day!

After pondering the various sizes of Himalayan salt blocks they have for sale, I decided that their 8x4x2" brick for $16 provided the most bang for the buck — so I ordered two! They had a sale going on, so I got free shipping ... what a deal!

I have cooked food on Himalayan salt blocks on a few different occasions so far. Each time the various foods — steak, mushrooms, onion, shrimp, fish, tomatoes — were quite delicious. The salt and other minerals in the Himalayan salt block give the food a wonderful taste without any additional seasoning.
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The photos in this album were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera.
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