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Darlingtonia 2014 — Album Description
Photos in Album: 30 Album Created: 29 Jul 2014 Last Updated: 2 Aug 2014
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On a July 2014 family outing to the Oregon coast, we stopped to eat our picnic lunch at the Darlingtonia State Natural Site, five miles north of Florence, Oregon. After enjoying our roast beef sandwiches, we took a walk around the site to see what kind of meat the extraterrestrial-looking, carnivorous cobra lilies were eating!

As I stared in amazement at these bizarre plants, I felt as if I had been transported far, far back in time. I almost expected a dinosaur to come tromping through the bog! This is definitely one of the most astonishing places I have ever visited. All in all, I took 54 photos of these darling Darlingtonia, 30 of which are included in this album.

Darlingtonia is the only Oregon state park dedicated to the protection of a single plant species. And this Darlingtonia 2014 album the only album in my collection dedicated to the viewing of a single plant species! It may seem overkill to have 30 photos of the same type of plant, but with their varied sizes, colors and textures, each shot reveals a unique aspect of these carnivores. Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!
For further details about the story behind the photos in this al­bum, see the related article, Ore­gon Coast Triple-Head­er Out­ing.
The photos in this album were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera.
To begin viewing the photos, you can browse the album — or view the contact sheet.