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Supermoon Hide & Seek 2014 — Album Description
Photos in Album: 15 Album Created: 13 Jul 2014 Last Updated: 13 Jul 2014
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In July 2014 I was going for my daily neighborhood walk early one morning under the gaze of the setting supermoon. As I started to make my way through the neighborhood, I had a burgeoning fancy that the moon was in the mood for a bit of fun, so I decided to play a game with him. I began to keep my eyes open for objects in the foreground with which I could juxtapose the moon. This turned out to be harder than I first imagined.

Sometimes it was not possible for me to position myself where I needed to be in order to line up the moon with the foreground object. Other times I was able to make the alignment, only to find a large tree blocking the moon. But even with these challenges, or perhaps because of them, I was greatly enjoying this game of photographic hide and seek with the moon!

With this engaging activity to amuse me, time flew by and before I knew it I was back home. By this point the moon was much lower and behind some clouds, so the game was over anyway. After editing, I found that I had 15 worthy pictures for this album. Because the muted early-morning colors were not important to the overall quality of the images, I decided to render this entire album in black and white. In fact, I think that monochrome suites these photos well and that they are more striking than the original color versions. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out, and I think this collection is already one of my favorite albums.
For further details about the story behind the photos in this al­bum, see the related article, Su­per­moon Hide and Seek.
The photos in this album were taken with the Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR camera.
To begin viewing the photos, you can browse the album — or view the contact sheet.