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Saturday 19 August 2017   —   Category: Dining Out
During the almost two years I have been visiting McMenamins pubs I have tried over one hundred different McMenamins beers! But don’t imagine that I have liked all of them. I would estimate that about two-thirds of them I have NOT cared for.
Sunday 30 July 2017   —   Category: Outings
After a four-year delay, I finally returned to Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park — this time with my lightweight Micro Four Thirds camera equipment instead of the heavy and bulky APS-C equipment I lugged the previous time.
Wednesday 26 July 2017   —   Category: Dining Out
In September 2016 I went on a mini pub crawl when I visited the three McMenamins locations in Beaverton, Oregon, in the western part of the Portland metro area. Unfortunately, I totally spaced out and forgot to take pictures of the three pubs.
Tuesday 25 July 2017   —   Category: Equipment
I have been drooling over the Olympus 12–100mm f/4 Pro lens ever since it was announced in September 2016 and I got to try one out at the Pro Photo Supply camera store in Portland a few months later. But do the pros outweigh the cons?
Sunday 23 July 2017   —   Category: Miscellaneous
In order to enter a small photo contest last August, I fought through the convoluted process of uploading eight photos to Instagram. It was such a frustrating experience that I’ve hardly touched the service since. Why do I dislike Instagram? Let me count the ways!
Saturday 22 July 2017   —   Category: Dining Out
During a September 2016 afternoon and evening in Portland, Oregon, I bought two cases of beer at Portland Brewing, had pizza and beer at Ken’s Artisan Pizza, sampled cheese and wine at the Cheese Bar, and got beer and Passport stamps at two more McMenamins pubs.
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